We provide a complete range of services covering the needs of both individuals and small to large businesses.

Business Accounting

Bookkeeping and updating of all categories of books of K.F.A.S. with the most modern methods. Budget, balance sheets and financial statements preparation, supervision and any other accounting support with the prestige and reliability of our 35 years of experience. Correct monitoring of the financial progress of the company and accurate information is your only guarantee!

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Personnel Management

Our office provides comprehensive services covering labor – insurance issues of any type of business using modern methods of management, monitoring and updating of payroll. Submission and issuance of all kinds of labor declarations and statements as well as consulting services for payroll and insurance issues.

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Services To Individuals

Our services concern the tax and advisory support of the obligations of individuals. The wide range of these services enables our clients to monitor cases that require specialization and knowledge. Our goal is to improve client satisfaction and immediate personalized service – response to their requirements.

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