Personnel Management

Employees and staff are an integral part of the sustainability and growth of most businesses. For this reason, we have tried to cover all payroll needs by providing comprehensive and reliable services.

Some of them are:

  • Management of staff changes (recruitment, resignations, dismissals and fixed-term contracts)
  • Control and update on rights in all employment contracts (part-time, rotational, etc.)
  • Monitoring of changes to employees’ collective agreements
  • Processing of payroll data and issuing and sending payroll statements using modern software
  • Compilation and electronic submission of relevant forms and statements to the relevant information systems (e.g. I.K.A., SEPE, TaxisNet)
  • Compliance with specific labor issues (e.g. maternity, overtime, leave, sickness, allowances, etc.) in accordance with the relevant law
  • Full insurance information in cases of main and supplementary insurance
  • Advice on labor issues
  • Finding and participation in appropriate subsidized employment programs of the OAED
  • Representation in any public service – external work
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