Business Accounting

Choosing the right partner in accounting support for your business is imperative as beyond the tax obligation, updating books is the most direct way for a business to discern and avoid past mistakes, to have a clear picture of its position and to provide important information for business decisions that need to be made.

TAXCONSULTING has the professional experience and is able to analyze the facts through scientific processes and business models so as to meet the needs of your business.

Our goal is the constantly changing tax framework not to cause stress and insecurity but with systematic and proper management of accounting issues, errors to be prevented and protect you from ¨unpleasant surprises¨ regarding tax obligations.

Of course we have a certified accountant license A’ class from the Economic Chamber of Greece as well as certification in project management and the IAS and our accounting services are guaranteed, whatever the size or form of your business.

Our main activities in detail:

  • Computerized bookkeeping and updating of all categories of books of the K.F.A.S.
  • Ability to staff and supervise accounting departments
  • Implementation of accounting plans adapted to the requirements of the company
  • Support the costing process and monitoring of analytical accounting through the development of Group 9 of the E.G.A.S.
  • Adaptation of accounting statements to International Accounting Standards where required
  • Implementation of internal accounting controls
  • Preparation of budgets, balance sheets and financial statements
  • Monitoring of fixed assets and depreciation methods
  • Coverage of intra-Community and non-Community liabilities – Management of the V.I.E.S. register – Intrastat
  • Calculation, preparation and submission of indirect tax returns (VAT)
  • Procedures for the refund of withholding taxes such as VAT and business tax
  • List of agreements
  • Changes in the register of company details
  • Annual statements of legal persons and enterprises


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