A properly organized accounting department can bring great benefits, some of which are:

  • saving valuable time for either the employee or the businessman since it makes it easier to find documents or any information sought.
  • the provision of data and information whenever it is requested.
  • a significant reduction in working capital if the organizational structuring or restructuring is carried out with proper study and analysis based on the daily needs of the business.

A key point is the selection of the appropriate personnel to staff the accounting department and also the right commercial, accounting management and computerization software to complete specific tasks that may be required.

With our experience we are willing to help in this selection and undertake the training and education of the staff, not only at the beginning but also during our cooperation.

Finally, taking into account that tax and insurance legislation is constantly changing and the complexity and scope of the work performed in large accounting offices (mainly L.C and S.A companies), it is absolutely necessary for the accounting department to be supervised at regular intervals by a person with specialized knowledge in tax – accounting business issues and will fit the accounting department with the respective requirements. Further, this person will be controlling the operation of the accounting department, will be proposing solutions in order to increase its efficiency.

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